Welcome to the R Consortium “R Submission” Working Group

The R submission working group is a cross industry pharma working group focusing on improving practices of R-based clinical trial regulatory submission.

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Joseph Rickert (R Consortium) , Adrian Waddell (Roche/Genentech) , Doug Kelkhoff (Roche/Genentech) , Tadeusz Lewandowski (Roche/Genentech) , Ning Leng (Roche/Genentech) , Heng Wang (Roche/Genentech) , Beverly Chin (Roche/Genentech) , Bon Engle (Biogen) , Christopher Kania (Biogen) , Nate Mockler (Biogen) , Tim Powell (Biogen) , Juliane Manitz (EMD Serono) , Lyn Taylor (Phastar) , Mike Stackhouse (Atorus) , Eli Miller (Atorus) , Paul Schuette (FDA) , Ethan Chen (FDA) , Bryant Chen (FDA) , Jiang Xu (FDA) , Jizu Zhi (FDA) , Kevin Snyder (FDA) , Hye Soo Cho (FDA) , Maria Matilde Kam (FDA) , Sascha Ahrweiler (Bayer) , Sean Lopp (RStudio) , Phil Bowsher (RStudio) , Yilong Zhang (Merck) , Keaven Anderson (Merck) , Nan Xiao (Merck) , Gregory Chen (Merck) , Miriam Fossati (Merck) , Peikun Wu (Merck) , Paulo Bargo (Janssen) , Heidi Curinckx (Janssen) , Andy Nicholls (GSK) , Ojesh Upandhyay (GSK) , Ben Staub (GSK) , Kevin Bolger (Procogia) , Eric Nantz (Eli Lilly) , Bella Feng (EQRx) , Steven Hasendinckx (Johnson & Johnson) , Heidi Curinckx (Johnson & Johnson) , Renping Zhang (Johnson & Johnson) , Hong Yan (Regeneron)https://www. , Ari Siggaard Knoph

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