Site Development


The Submissions working group website is built using the Quarto scientific and technical publishing system based in markdown format and compiled with Pandoc.

Development Setup

Ensure that you have Quarto version 1.2 or later installed on your development environment. More details on downloading and installing Quarto can be found in the Get Started guide.

A recent version of R (4.1.2 or later) is sufficient. Ensure that you have the following R packages installed:

It is recommended to use the RStudio IDE (v2022.07 or later) as your development environment for building and rendering the web site. Refer to the Creating a Website guide details on the workflow.

Site Organization

Most of the site uses standard configurations outlined in the websites guide. Below are additional details for developing site content based on the type of material:


Each pilot conducted by this working group has its own dedicated page and associated quarto file named pilotX.qmd where X denotes the index of the pilot. High-level descriptions of all pilots is stored in pilot_background.qmd.

Working Group Minutes

The site uses the blog feature to create a custom listing for working group meeting minutes with all files stored in the minutes directory. Within the minutes directory, create a directory with the date of the working group meeting (for example 2023-01-23) and within this directory, create a quarto document named index.qmd. Visit the Minutes Draft Gen page for an interactive way of creating a new Quarto document file used for a future working group meeting minutes, including an easy way to assemble the attendees present at the meeting.