Minutes Document Writer


This interactive page creates a template Quarto document text for capturing meeting minutes associated with the Pilot 4 working group.

Date Selection

Use the date input below to choose the date of the meeting. Click the calendar icon in the widget to launch the UI.

Attendee Selection

Use the personnel table below to select the attendees present at the meeting by checking the box that appears once you hover your cursor above a name. The table is ordered alphabetically by first name as default, but you can sort by a different column by clicking the column name.


If an attendee is not listed in this table, please add their name, affiliation, and affiliation URL to the wg_attendees.xlsx spreadsheet located in the data subdirectory of this repository. After your edits to the spreadsheet are completed, re-build the Quarto site.



In your local copy of this repository, create a sub-directory within the minutes directory to hold files associated with this meeting’s minutes. Based on your selection above, create the following directory:

Copy the text in the output below into a new Quarto document named index.qmd.