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Mar 2022

  • Exported class_factor, class_Date, class_POSIXct, and class_data.frame.

  • New R7_inherits() and check_is_R7() (#193)

  • new_class() can create abstract classes (#199).

  • method_call() is now R7_dispatch() (#200).

  • Can now register methods for double-dispatch base Ops (currently only works if both classes are R7, or the first argument is R7 and the second doesn’t have a method for the Ops generic) (#128).

  • All built-in wrappers around base types use class_. You can no longer refer to a base type with a string or a constructor function (#170).

  • convert() allows you to convert an object into another class (#136).

  • super() replaces next_method() (#110).

Feb 2022

  • class_any and class_missing make it possible to dispatch on absent arguments and arguments of any class (#67).

  • New method_explain() to explain dispatch (#194).

  • Minor property improvements: use same syntax for naming short-hand and full property specifications; input type automatically validated for custom setters. A property with a getter but no setter is read-only (#168).

  • When creating an object, unspecified properties are initialized with their default value (#67). DISCUSS: to achieve this, the constructor arguments default to class_missing.

  • Add $.R7_object and $<-.R7_object methods to avoid “object of type ‘S4’ is not subsettable” error (#204).

  • Dispatch now disambiguates between S4 and S3/R7, and, optionally, between R7 classes in different packages (#48, #163).

  • new_generic() now requires dispatch_args (#180). This means that new_generic() will typically be called without names. Either new_generic("foo", "x") for a “standard” generic, or new_generic("foo", "x", function(x, y) call_method()) for a non-standard method.

  • new_external_generic() now requires dispatch_args so we can eagerly check the signature.

  • Revamp website. README now shows brief example and more info in vignette("R7"). Initial design docs and minutes are now articles so they appear on the website.

Jan 2022

  • New props<- for setting multiple properties simultaneously and validating afterwards (#149).
  • Validation now happens recursively, and validates types before validating the object (#149)
  • Classes (base types, S3, S4, and R7) are handled consistently wherever they are used. Strings now only refer to base types. New explicit new_S3_class() for referring to S3 classes (#134). S4 unions are converted to R7 unions (#150).
  • Base numeric, atomic, and vector “types” are now represented as class unions (#147).
  • Different evaluation mechanism for method dispatch, and greater restrictions on dispatch args (#141)
  • -> R7_data(); probably to be replaced by casting.
  • In generic, signature -> dispatch_args.
  • Polished str() and print() methods
  • new_class() has properties as 3rd argument (instead of constructor).